A Guide to Network Optimization


Sending video and Wirecast commands from your iPad to your Wirecast Computer requires a robust connection.  You cannot just use an Ethernet connection, since you won’t be able to communicate with the iPad through this.  A fast LAN with an excellent signal, independent from an Ethernet connection are strongly recommended.  Connecting to a wireless N or AC router within 30 feet is optimal. If you think yours will be too crowded, you may need to buy a new router so you can get the best quality from your video. You can then establish a private wifi network with your own router.

 Tip: Try the app out right now with your existing wifi network.  If the video and transitions are smooth, you’re ready to start producing.  If the transitions are choppy and the video freezes, read on for more network optimization.


- Restart your computer after Paladin Link installation

- Make sure that you have the latest networking drivers for your computer and that your network hardware is working

- Make sure the network you’re on is not overcrowded

- Make sure that your Wirecast Computer and your iPad are both on the same subnet

- Make sure that "Virtual Camera Out" is started in Wirecast (see Help Video)


- Make sure Bonjour and .Net Framework 4.5 are properly installed on your system.  Reinstall if necessary.

- Check firewall settings on your computer, and your router.  Make sure ports 24777, 5350, 5351, and 5353 are not blocked.

- Try renewing the lease on your iPad network connection if connection problems persist (in the settings -> WiFi section).

- If you don’t have a strong connection right away your iPad will sometimes jump off and connect to another by default.  If this is happening disable the default connection while you’re using the Producer App.


Isolate your network connections if possible.  Disable all but one of your wireless adapters on your Wirecast computer.  Try using a wireless router in close proximity to your iPad and your computer plugged in with an  Ethernet cable.

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